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    Shout at the Devil is a 1976 British war experience film coordinated by Peter R. Chase and featuring Lee Marvin and Roger Moore. The film, set in Zanzibar and German East Africa in 1913–1915, depends on a novel by Wilbur Smith which is approximately propelled by genuine occasions (see the sinking of the SMS Königsberg). Colonel Flynn O’Flynn (Lee Marvin), a hard-drinking American, controls British blue-blood Sebastian Oldsmith (Roger Moore) into poaching ivory in Tanganyika, which is a piece of the German-controlled pre-World War I region of German East Africa. On listening to news that the American has returned, Herman Fleischer, the neighborhood German Commander of the Southern Provinces, steadily chases O’Flynn with his Schutztruppen.Later Sebastian meets and begins to look all starry eyed at O’Flynn’s little girl, Rosa (Barbara Parkins). They are hitched and have a girl together. Only preceding World War One the hard drinking sharpshooting, Irish American Colonel Flynn O’Flynn, utilizes British noble Sebastian Oldsmith to poach ivory from German controlled domain in East Africa, putting them inconsistent with Herman Fleischer, the nearby German Provincial Commander. At the point when Sebastian is tainted with jungle fever he is breast fed back to wellbeing by Flynn’s girl Rosa, they experience passionate feelings for and wed. Not long after Britain announces war on Germany and they are drawn into the contention, eventually making a challenging assault on the German defensively covered cruiser SMS Blücher as it experiences repairs in a nearby estuary.

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    • Movie Name    :     Shout At the Devil (1976)
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Shout At the Devil Movie 720p HD Free Download

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