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Movie Overview

Vigilante Diaries is a high octane activity enterprise film highlighting 90’s motion picture legends, unstable activity, and universal undercover work. The film rotates around a group of dark operations specialists turned wrongdoing contenders, drove by an agonizing screw-up, referred to just as The Vigilante. These jam-stuffed missions of salvage and reprisal take us from the uber manors and underbelly of Los Angeles to far away places like Iraq, Armenia, Russia, and The United Kingdom to acquaint us with a cast of beautiful, unsafe, and clever characters. From Beverly Hills movie producer Mike Hanover, to a trio of Asian femme fatales, to merciless Armenian mobsters, and at the main, a couple of profound cover super spies never going to budge on tossing the world into disorder. The Vigilante’s enemy, Andreas (Arman Nshanian), is the sort of drippingly influenced scalawag who can’t do anything awful unless he’s whisper-chiming in to an aria, savoring a butterfly’s imprisonment under an amplifying glass, or kissing the silver tip of his strolling stick. Andreas has detained the Vigilante in Puebla, Mexico, requiring a salvage. So it’s an ideal opportunity to call a solidified team of soldiers of fortune with names like Wolfman, Tex-Mex, Hollywood and The Geek. You now know as much about those four as you’ll know when the credits move, with the exception of that one of them (no spoilers here!) smokes a stogie. They’re enlisted by somebody called Gay Barry, who wears neckties to military assaults and gets his work done on a CGI PC framework he purchased utilized from the arrangement of Minority Report.

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          • Movie Name    :       Vigilante Diaries (2016)
          • Movie Size       :       905 MB
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          • Movie Type      :       Action


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Vigilante Diaries Movie DVDrip HD Free Download

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